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THE SECOND COMING (in Post Production)

A young couple walks home at night as a big shooting star rushes by. The girl's dad picks her up at the bus station but the car gets hit by a mysterious lightning. As the boy meets her again in the woods he, has to realize that she is not her self anymore.

Short-Horror-Fiction | 15' | 2023 (in Post Production)

Director  Micha Straub

Camera  Isabelle Simmen

Set Design  Jan Petzold

Cast Laoise Lenders, Léo Thomas, Michael Ogden

1.AD  Mischa Müller

Gaffer  Némo Andany

Electrician  Mischa Decurtins, Fabian Genucchi, Joel Staub, Anna Jacquerioz 

2. Unit Camera  Lukas Egger

Steady Cam  Miro Mennel

1.AC  Basil Burger

2.AC  Gregory Tumoscheit

Grip  Seline Imhasly, Enrique Zalotay


Sound  Frédéric Kämpfer

Costume  Michaela

H&M  Mira Luna Berclaz, Nina Zogg

Executive Producer  

Location Manager  Francis Meier

Script  Konstantin Shishkin

Produced by  University of the Arts Zurich ZHdK

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